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2 A non-finite period in early Cypriot Greek?
Georgiou, Renos; University of Patras Papatzalas, Christos; University of Patras Terzi, Arhonto; Tec...
In the literature on the acquisition of the morphosyntax of Standard Greek at the early stages (SG), it is noted that children overuse a verb form that employs the suffix -i, often referred to as 3rd ...
7 A typology of vowel-vowel and consonant-vowel-consonant phenomena in the dialectal variants of Western Crete and their use in education
Tzakosta, Marina; University of Crete,
In this paper, we investigate the realization of Greek vowels drawing on dialectal and developmental child language data. We focus on V(owel)-V(owel) and C(onsonant)-V(owel)-C(onsonant) phenomena. We ...