CBLIS Conference Proceedings 2001 Computer based learning in science
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1 A virtual laboratory for data communications
Buchanan, R. J.,
University(CQU), formerly Capricorn Institute of Advanced Education(CIAE). Throughout this period, staff have struggled to meet the challenge of creating an engaging educational experience that can be...
2 A virtual teaching and learning Environment
Vladoiu, M.,
We may say the knowledge is the new global asset – so people have to be continually learning, crafting innovative solutions to changing circumstances, staying informed and responsive. Computer Based L...
3 A web-based approach to the delivery of instruction on information and Communication technology
Wright, Peter W.,
While web-based courses are not new they are in their infancy. Courses that employ web-based technology to teach about technology are even less common and are attended by a unique set of challenges an...
4 Adoption of new technologies: the next challenge
Varsavsky, Cristina,
Computers have been used in teaching and learning for over 30 years, but their use in undergraduate science and engineering courses is still very limited. However, there is a wealth of excellent compu...
5 Agent based cooperative learning System (saca)
Yacine, Lafifi,
Over the last several years, there has been significant progress in techniques for creating autonomous agent, i.e. systems that are capable of performing tasks and achieving goals in complex, dynamic ...
6 An interactive simulation to evaluate student understanding of moon phase formation
Constantinou, Constantinos P. Evagorou, M.P Ttoffi, P. G.,
The development of student understanding of phases of the moon is notoriously difficult due to the spatial reasoning requirements posed by the relative motion of three celestial bodies. We have used t...
7 An open learning environment for thermal phenomena
Hatzikraniotis, E. Lefkos, J. Bisdikian, G. Psillos, D. Refanidis, J. Vlahavas, J.,
In this work we present an open learning environment, suitable for teaching Heat and Thermodynamics. The software consists of two independent visual laboratories (one for Heat and the other for Thermo...
8 Another way to teach non-congruency
Vaníček, Jiří,
New technologies in education allow and sometimes demand changes in school curricula. They enable children to look into those parts of science, which have been forbidden to them because of too high a ...
9 CD-ROM based digital film library for radiography students
Wells, Peter Glisson, Mike Baird, Marilyn,
The structure, organisation and use of digital (CD-ROM) radiography and medical imaging film library, based on an analog (film) collection, is described. The analog collection has been specialised for...
10 Computer based learning of transfer functions
Kukal, Jaromír Bártová, Darina,
The paper describes to the visualisation of F(p) and F(z) transfer functions using a new Matlab function which facilitates the study of the conform mapping properties. Περιέχει το πλήρες κείμενο