CBLIS Conference Proceedings 2007 Contemporary Perspective on new technologies in science and education
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1 A framework for evaluating e-learning Environments
Fursenko, Frank von Itzstein, G. Stewart,
The management of many universities is in a state of transformation from the traditional collegiate, to a more structured corporate style of management. These universities are increasingly modelling t...
2 A framework for the effective delivery of Online professional development in statistics Education
Meletiou-Mavrotheris, Maria Mavrotheris, Efstathios (Stathis) Paparistodemou, Efi,
This article presents the pedagogical framework underlying the design of EarlyStatistics, a European Union funded program that aims to enhance the quality of statistics education offered in European e...
3 A web based approach to teaching the subject “renewable energy sources” in technical Vocational educational schools in greece Using the elearn web platform
Tampakis, Konstantinos Chalkidis, Anthimos Psomiadis, Ploutarchos Saridaki, Anna,
During the last years, computers have found their way into Greek secondary education. At the same time, environmental education has also received special attention in both primary and secondary educat...
4 An e-learning framework For wound image understanding
Prodan, Augustin Câmpean, Remus Rusu, Madalina Prodan, Rodica,
This paper presents a Java based e-learning framework for analyzing, processing and understanding wound images, to be used in teaching, learning and research activities. We intend to promote e-learnin...
5 Applying technology acceptance model to Measure it students’ attitude towards a hybrid Communication skills course
Rigopoulos, George Keklikoglou, Ioannis Sgouropoulou, Cleo,
In this paper we demonstrate the application of a revised TAM model for measuring IT students’ attitude towards eLearning for a hybrid communication skills module. Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) in...
6 Approaches to the evaluation of elearning
Kapounová, Jana,
The development of eLearning is a rapidly expanding area of education and it has become a phenomenon in the learning and knowledge society of the 21st century. Many schools – from basic to universitie...
7 Assessing online instruction: an evolutionary approach
Lee Hench, Thomas,
In evolutionary biology, the contribution of those traits evolved by the natural selection process determines the fitness of an organism, that is, the degree to which it is successful in surviving and...
8 Can learning physics be fun? - Water park Physics
Pasek, Vladimir Wright, Peter,
Students enjoy going to the water park where they descend water slides and swim or jump around in a wave pool. Teachers work hard to make Physics enjoyable in a classroom situation. Since the 1980’s, ...
9 Card game: attempts by primary level Education pupils to learn binary encoding
Kordaki, Maria Mpimpas, Christos,
This paper focuses on the learning of binary encoding by primary school pupils within a learning experiment mainly based on their being involved in playing a game. In fact, nineteen 6th Grade pupils p...
10 Computer assisted formative assessment: supporting students to become more reflective Learners
Whitelock, Denise,
e-Assessment is being advocated in the UK as our way of introducing a more personalised learning agenda throughout the Higher Education sector. This paper discusses the findings from two projects wher...