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1 A plan to present the Greeks abroad through the Project method
Tsantali, Calliope; Open Education Foundation Nikolidakis, Symeon; Open Education Foundation,
The present paper is concerned with students’ sensitization about the Greeks abroad who are introduced through the Project method to reinforce national awareness, especially during an economic crisis ...
2 An attempt at defining "minority" literature: A case study in the literary production of the Italian minority in Slovenia and Croatia and of the Slovenian minority in Italy
Cergol, Jadranka; Fakulteta za humanistične študije, Univerza na Primorskem, Koper, Slovenija Facult...
The article problematizes the use of the term “minority” literature in the literary context. The term was proposed by Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari who defined minor/minority literature as literat...
3 Australian English: Its Evolution and Current State
Collins, Peter; University of New South Wales,
This paper provides a critical overview of research on Australian English (‘AusE’), and of the vexing questions that the research has grappled with. These include: What is the historical explanation f...
4 Balkan Roma immigrants in Greece: An initial approach to the traits of a migration flow.
Baltsiotis, Lambros; Historian,
 In this paper we examine aspects of Balkan Roma migration toGreece, which started in early 90s. Different Roma groups have been settled inGreecesince then or are continuing to engage in seasonal work...
5 Bringing English into the 21st century: A view from India
Bhaya Nair, Rukmini; Indian Institute of Technology,
English in India has had an extended and elite colonial history. It was the dominant language of governance in the 19th and 20th centuries till India became independent and a new set of language polic...
6 Contemporary English in the USA
Axelrod, Melissa; University of New Mexico Scheibman, Joanne; Old Dominion University,
Indigenous and immigrant speakers from a variety of linguistic and sociocultural backgrounds have in diff erent ways contributed to the development of presentday American English, as have the geograph...
7 Discourse critical analysis of the Dictatorship educational policy (1967-1974) about the Greek-speaking education of the Greeks abroad
Kalerante, Evaggelia; University of West Macedonia,
 The present paper is concerned with the Dictatorship legislative texts (1967-1974) related to issues about the Greek-speaking education of the Greeks abroad. The legislative texts about education are...
8 English in Ghana: Growth, Tensions, and Trends
Adika, Gordon Senanu Kwame; University of Ghana,
This paper provides snapshots of the growth of English in Ghana by reviewing the debates that have characterised its usage, recapitulating the distinctive features of Ghanaian English (GhaE), and exam...
9 English in Singapore
Tan, Peter K W; National University of Singapore,
This article discusses the various ways in which it is possible to theorise about the varieties of English in the world, in particular Kachru’s (1982) concentric circle model and Schneider’s (2007) ph...
10 English in Tanzania: A linguistic cultural perspective
Bwenge, Charles; University of Florida,
Talking about‘English in Tanzania’ or what Schneider (2007) has in general categorized as postcolonial English for that matter instantaneously evokes notions pertaining to language contact as well as ...