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1 "A gift from God": Anglo-Greek relations during the dictatorship of the Greek colonels
Nafpliotis, Alexandros; National Documentation Centre / NHRF,
The focus of this article is an analysis of the Greek junta’s relations with the Wilson and Heath governments in the United Kingdom from 1967 to 1974. Emphasis is placed on diplomatic relations betwee...
2 Andreas Papandreou’s Exile Politics: The First Phase (1968-1970)
Draenos, Stan; Political analyst and historian, Ph.D. in Political Science, York University, Canada,
Andreas Papandreou’s exile politics, following his December 1967 release from Averoff Prison, have stereotypically been seen as simply adopting the neo-Marxist ideologies associated with the Third Wor...
3 Crises and Merchant Networks in the nineteenth century: The Case of German Networks in Lombardy
Poettinger, Monika,
During the nineteenth century in Continental Europe, merchant networks founded enterprises wherever comparative or absolute advantages related to naturalresources or workers’ capabilities, but also ch...
4 Fighting the Financial Crisis in Greece: The Privileged Company to Protect Production and Trade in Currants (1905) as International Bank Cooperation
Schönhärl, Korinna,
The global economic crisis in the 1890s affected the economy of Greece severely, and in 1893 the Greek State had to stop servicing its foreign debt. Part of theproblem was the lack of diversity of Gre...
5 Frontières administratives et identités communales. Le cas de la France, XVIII-XXe siècles
Claude Motte Marie-Christine Vouloir,
Parmi les différentes déclinaisons du terme "frontière" (naturelle, politique, administrative, identitaire), existe-t-il une combinaison d'entre elles qui résisterait le plus farouchement à l'épreuve ...
8 Greek–American relations in the Yom Kippur War concurrence
Kallivretakis, Leonidas; Institute of Historical Research / NHRF,
This article suggests that there is no hard evidence supporting the conspiracy theory that Georgios Papadopoulos’ dictatorial regime was overthrown by the United States in 1973, because the Greek junt...
9 I tempi della storia
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