No 1 (1991)
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1 Flexible exchange rates, macroeconomic policy and alternative wage-setting regimes
Κουρέτας, Γεώργιος Π.,
This paper analyses the price and output effects of monetary and fiscal policy in a small open economy with perfect capital mobility, flexible exchange rates and alternative wage - setting regimes. In...
2 Greece and Turkey: the case study of an arms race from the Greek perspective
Κόλλιας, Χρήστος,
This study suggests that as the dominant East - West conflict subsides, local disputes and frictions centered around past and/or new national and ethnic quarrels will slowly come to dominate the inter...
3 Macro-effects of the sociotechnical accounting control system on managerial behaviour: a situational approach
Καζαντζής, Χρήστος Ι.,
This paper examines some macro - effects of the sociotechnical accounting control system on managerial orientation and behaviour. The results show that accounting technology and social aspects of acco...
4 Trends and causes of mergers and acquisitions in Greece
Κάτσος, Γεώργιος Χ. Λεκάκης, Ιωσήφ Ν.,
5 Βιβλιοπαρουσιάσεις Book review
Karayiannis,A.D. (1989). General economic aquilibrium. A critical analysis of the modern model. Piraeus : Stamoulis./Κάζης, Δημ. (1990). Ευρωπαϊκή ενοποίηση και νέα προϊόντα. ΙΟΒΕ. / Οικονόμου, Γεώργι...
6 Εμπειρική εκτίμηση των παραγόντων προσδιορισμού της συναλλαγματικής ισοτιμίας δρχ./$
Παλαιολόγος, Γιάννης Γεωργαντέλης, Σπύρος Ε.,
In this paper ("An Empirical Investigation of the Factors Determining the Exchange Rate of Dr/$")we present a number of models explaining the behaviour of Dr/$ exchange rate. More specifically, the mo...
7 Προβλεψιμότητα των κερδών στην ελληνική βιομηχανία
Γκλεζάκος, Μιχάλης - Χριστόφορος,
The primary concern of the article ("Predictability of Earning in the Greek Manufacturing Industry") is to identify patterns in the historical earnings of the Greek manufacturing sector. To this end, ...