No 1 (1993)
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1 Investigating the features of greek business cycles
Κασκαρέλης, Ιωάννης Α.,
JEL C22, E52 This paper tests against several greek macroeconomic time series some of the recent development on business cycles theory. Results suggest that monetary policy could play a significant ro...
2 Monetary stabilization policy and the inventory cycle model with an empirical investigation of stylized facts for Greece
Βαρελάς, Ερωτόκριτος Γ.,
JEL E32, E5 The growth of knowledge about monetary phenomena over the last fifteen years or so has been enormous. The aim of this paper is to investigate stylized facts of inventory investment and out...
3 The accomondation hypothesis in Greece: a tri-variate granger-causality aproach
Καρασαβόγλου, Αναστάσιος Κατρακιλίδης, Κωνσταντίνος,
JEL E58 This paper with title "The Accommodation Hypothesis in Greece. A tri-variate Granger-Causality Approach" investigates empirically the causal relationship between money growth, budget deficits ...
4 The market capitalization value as a risk factor in the Athens stock exchange
Γκλεζάκος, Μιχάλης - Χριστόφορος,
JEL Gil Under the joint assumption that CAMP holds and capital markets are efficient, systematic risk is the only priced factor. However a stream of literature casts coubt on the above assumption, sug...
5 Προσδιορισμός κοινωνικού κόστους και "άριστου" μίγματος χρηματοδότησης σε κοινωνικοοικονομική ανάλυση κόστους / ωφέλειας έργων εθνικής σημασίας
Διαμαντής, Παναγιώτης Φ.,
JEL D61 In this study, we primarily extend the methods of estimating the shadow prices of investment and of foreign exchange, based on the cost-benefit analysis methodology developed by Unido (Dasgupt...