No 1 (2005)
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1 Constructing 'Data Development Analysis' performance measures: a case study from the Greek Public Sector
Βασιλάκης, Αθανάσιος Γ.,
JEL Classification: M49 Rapid changes in life-long training and performance measurement are posing serious questions to the work environment of public sector managers to undergo fundamental changes. C...
2 FDI and growth: evidence from a panel of european transition countries
Αστερίου, Δημήτριος Ντάσιου, Ξένη Γλυκοπάντης, Διονύσιος,
JEL: D92, E22 This paper studies the effects of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on economic growth, measured by the increase in per capita growth of GDP for ten European countries in transition, utili...
3 Socio-economic inequalities in health: a review of the greek evidence
Οικονόμου, Αθηνά Νικολάου, Αγγελική,
JEL Classification Code: 112 The socioeconomic status effects on individual health state are increasingly recognised in academic literature. This survey reviews the existing theoretical and empirical ...
4 The use of streamlined LCA for the environmental assessment of plastics recycling: the case of a PVC container
Γεωργακέλλος, Δημήτριος Α.,
JEL Classification: Q20, L60 The problem of disposal of plastic wastes due to declining landfill capacity, together with the polluting emissions when thermal treatment is involved, has encouraged plas...
5 Βιβλιοπαρουσιάσεις
Περιεχόμενα: Αλεξανδρίδου, Ε. (2005) Το δίκαιο του ηλεκτρονικού εμπορίου. Αθήνα: Σάκκουλας / Κεχρά Ι. [και ά.] (2005) Βιβλία τεχνικών προδιαγραφών και παραγωγής - κοστολογίου. Αθήνα: Σάκκουλας / Παπαϊ...
7 Η θεωρία της επιχείρησης: R. H. Coase - 66 χρόνια μετά
Φαφαλιού, Ειρήνη Πέκκα - Οικονόμου, Βικτωρία,
JEL classification: D21, D23, L21, L22, C3 This paper is an elaboration of the major economic perspectives on the firm's nature, operation and organization since Coase (1937) pioneering work. All appr...