No 1-2 (1987)
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1 A system approach to controlling semiconductor manufacturing operations
Σταυράκης, Γιώργος Δ.,
Semicoductor manufacturers, faced with stiffening competition in both product cost and quality, require improved utilization of their development and manufacturing resources. Manufacturing philosophy ...
2 An examination of the motivation for leveraged buyout proposals
Τραυλός, Νικόλαος Γ. Cornett, Marcia Millon,
4 Greek supply functions for livestock and red meat
Πέκος, Γεώργιος Δ. Μπάτζιος, Χρήστος Αθ.,
6 Measuring welfare losses with a price - adjusting differentiated product oligopoly
Χαριτάκης, Νικόλας Γ.,
8 The economic dilemma of the Greek performing arts pricing nad subsidizing policies
Υφαντόπουλος, Γιάννης Ν.,
10 The statement of changes in financial position: a useful tool in financial decision-making
Παπούλιας, Κωνσταντίνος Γ.,