No 1-2 (1988)
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1 An analysis of sheep meat supply response in Greece
Φωτόπουλος, Χρήστος,
This study focuses an annual production and inventory decisions of Greek sheep producers by modelling producer behaviour in the context of the capital stocks theory. Producers response was analysed vi...
3 Estimating water needs for the irrigation of potatoes: a renewal theory application
Σαπουντζής, Κωνσταντίνος Ι.,
In this work a method is proposed for the estimation of water needs during the cultivation of a crop. The method is based on renewal theory considerations, and its application is examined on the irrig...
5 Export initiation by indigenous manufacturers ina small developing economy
Λεωνίδου, Λεωνίδας,
The article examines the factors that influence indigenous manufacturers in a developing country to initiate exporting. Export stimuli were classified into proactive and reactive, representing a delib...
6 Farmers' expenditure in Greece: an application of transformation of the variables
Σαπουνάς, Γιώργος Σ.,
This paper examines Farmers' expenditure patterns in Greece for eight major categories of goods and services that together taken exhaust a large percentage of their total expenditure. The analysis is ...
7 Measuring and interpreting intervention in agriculture
McFarquhar, A. M. M. Ψυχουδάκης, Ασημάκης Δ.,
Intervention includes all form of protection or taxation in agriculture irrespective of the source, and includes for example price support, income support, export tax, regulations whether marketing or...
8 Optimal designs for the estimation of linear functions of parameters
Καφφές, Δημήτριος Γ.,
9 The efficiency of the foreign exchange markets
Μάναλης, Γκίκας Γ.,
10 The linear expenditure system and its application to Greek imports and exports
Βακαρέζος, Παρασκευάς Γεωργιακόδης, Μιχάλης,