No 1-2 (1994)
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1 An actuarial investigation into the mortality of impaired insured lives
Παπακωνσταντίνου, Ι.,
JEL C49,I12 This study tackles the main issues relating to a follow-up investigation of the mortality experience among insured lives with various medical impairments identified at acceptance. Statisti...
2 Externalities, endogenous growth and the investment accelerator: some estimates for the Greek manufacturing
Κασκαρέλης, Ιωάννης Α.,
JEL 04, E2, C2 This paper attempts to provide a brief survey on macroeconomic theories which deal with externalities, refer to the empirical testing of these theories and investigates the existence of...
3 Some tests for speculative exchange rate bubbles base on unit root tests
Κυρίκος, Δημήτρης Γ. Rich, Robert W.,
JEL C22, F31 In this paper we conduct an indirect test for speculative bubbles in the exchange value of the currencies of Germany and the United Kingdom relative to the U.S, dollar. Our test is genera...
4 The cost function for the preventive - maintenance replacement problem
Vilaplana, Jose Perez,
JEL M11 Let a discounted continuous review preventive-maintenance replacement model be such that its total discounted cost is given by means of two functional equations. We assume that downtime is cau...
5 Έλεγχοι παραβίασης των υποθέσεων του υποδείγματος της αγοράς στην χρηματιστηριακή αγορά των Αθηνών
Καραθανάσης, Γεώργιος Α. Φίλιππας, Ν.,
JEL G12 Over the last three decades a substantial amount of empirical research has been undertaken to investigate the behaviour of major securities market. While some work has been done with data from...