No 1-2 (1997)
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1 A binomial random sum of present value models in investment analysis
Βουδούρη, Αγγελική Ντζιαχρήστος, Ευάγγελος,
JEL:C51 Stochastic present value models have been widely adopted in financial theory and practice and play a very important role in capital budgeting and profit planning. The purpose of this paper is ...
2 Estimation of a population distribution based on classification probability model: application in the case of hunting gun crimes in Greece
Χομπάς, Βασίλειος,
JEL C13 This work has a goal to suggest two iteration processes and the sufficient conditions under which these processes converge and have useful properties. In other words it investigates the probab...
3 Interest rates and inflation in the Leontief - Sraffa framework
Βαρθολομαίος, Ιωάννης,
JEL C67, E43 The traditional theories define the real interest rate as the difference between the nominal interest rate and the inflation rate, which holds true in the case of demand pull inflation. A...
4 On the n-player bargaining problem: the uniform density approach
Γλυκοπάντης, Διονύσιος Muir, A.,
JEL subject code: C7 In an earlier paper we showed that the Nash Bargaining solution for 2-player demand games can be obtained as a non-cooperative solution if each player assumes a uniform density ov...
6 Βιβλιοπαρουσιάσεις Bookreviews
Δρακάτος, Κ. (1997). Ο μεγάλος κύκλος της ελληνικής οικονομίας, 1949-1995. Αθήνα: Παπαζήση.
7 Η εξέλιξη της μέσης φορολογικής επιβάρυνσης στην Ελλάδα από τον Φ.Ε.Φ.Π. και του μέσου καθαρού διαθέσιμου εισοδήματος κατά την εικοσαετία 1973-1993
Χατζηδήμα, Σ. Χ.,
JEL classification: H21 The objective of this paper is to present the changes in the Disposable Income of taxpayers in Greece by occupational group over the period 1973-1993, as well as their tax shar...
8 Ιστοριογραφία της οικονομικής επιστήμης: ταξινομική ανάλυση
Καργιάννης, Αναστάσιος Δ.,
JEL: B40 In the present paper, a taxonomic structure of the various histories of economics is scheduled and analysed according to such criteria as: scope, content, and methodology adopted. Then, for e...