No 1-4 (1989)
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1 An effective way of coordinating tax and income policies
Αγαπητός, Γεώργιος,
This paper intends to demonstrate the necessity of coordinating the tax and incomes policies and to suggest an effective way to accoplish this. We start by showing, specifically, how taxes on the one ...
2 Empirical model of investment: a survey
Γεωργούτσος, Δημήτρης,
3 Forecasting stock betas: evidence for the London stock exchange
Διακογιάννης, Γιώργος Π.,
5 Non-existence of a solution in a finite horizon continuous model
Γλυκοπάντης, Διονύσιος,
7 The budget deficit and inflation under full employment
Ίκκος, Άρης,
A monetarist model of the economy is constructed and it is shown, within the context of that model, that a reduction in the money supply can lead to a rise in inflation in the future as Sargent and Wa...