No 1-4 (1999)
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1 A selective review on the issue of testing for a unit autoregressive root
Αγιακλόγλου, Χρήστος Ν.,
JEL Clas.: C120, C150, C220 In the recent few years an increasing effort has been made to establish reliable testing procedures to determine whether or not an observed time series is generated by a un...
2 Advertising quality and market share
Πέκκα - Οικονόμου, Βικτωρία Σολδάτος, Γεράσιμος Θ.,
JEL: L15, C79 This paper utilizes a signaling-game approach to advertising and concludes that advertising is a means of increasing profits and not an instrument of consumer preferences manipulation. I...
4 Job satisfaction and employment characteristics of independent accountants in Greece
Σπάθης, Χαράλαμπος Τ.,
The current study examine the job satisfaction and employment characteristics of independent accountants in Greece. Uses a sample of 306 independent accountants from Greece. The majority of independen...
5 Stock market and growth in Greece: evidence from cointegration and causality tests
Αντωνάκης, Νικόλας Αποστόλου, Απόστολος,
JEL Classification, G10, 052 Current wisdom suggests that stock-market development may affect economic growth by raising the proportion of savings funnelled to investment and/or increasing the social ...
6 The demand for money in Greece: evidence through a shopping-time technology model and cointegration
Απέργης, Νικόλαος Ε. Καρπέτης, Χ. Κωτσιοπούλου, Α. Μιτακίδου, Ε. Τσιακίρη, Θ.,
JEL Classification System:Ε 41 The objective of this paper is to estimate a long-run version of money demand in Greece through cointegration tests and over the period 1978-1995. The feature that disti...
7 Ανάλυση κύκλου ζωής: ένα συστηματικό όργανο στη διαχείριση του περιβάλλοντος
Γεωργακέλλος, Δημήτριος Α.,
JEL classification: Q20 The paper "Life Cycle Analysis: a systematic tool in environmental management" examines the new methodology known as LCA which has been developed lately in order to confront an...
8 Βιβλιοπαρουσίαση Book review
Τονικίδου-Ευαγγελάτου, Π.Ι. (1999).Ανάλυση Ειδικεύσεων στη Βιομηχανία κατά Νομό για το 1988. Αθήνα:ΚΕΠΕ.
9 Διαρθρωτικές αλλαγές στην περιφερειακή απασχόληση της χώρας και οι δείκτες χωροταξικής εξειδικεύσεως
Σπυράτου, Ευγενία,
The regional differences and inequalities that refer to the level and structure of economic activities attract consistently the interest of economic analysis aiming at the country's regional developme...
10 Η σχέση μεταξύ της τεχνικής αποτελεσματικότητας στον γεωργικό τομέα και του επιπέδου ανάπτυξης: μια εμπειρική διερεύνηση σε δείγμα αναπτυγμένων και λιγότερο αναπτυγμένων χωρών
Ρέππας, Παναγιώτης Α. Χριστόπουλος, Δημήτριος Κ. Αράπογλου, Βασίλης Π.,
JEL 057 The primary objective of this paper is to obtain estimates of country-specific technical efficiency in agriculture and to asses the relationship between technical efficiency in agriculture and...