No 2 (1991)
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1 Sir James Steuart on value and prices
Καραγιάννης, Αναστάσιος Δ.,
2 The classical dichotomy in the walrasian system: a critical examination
Γιαννέλης, Δημήτριος,
Walras' general equilibrium model with money is presented and the allegation that it retains the classical invalid dichotomy is re examined. It is shown that, although mathematically incorrect, the mo...
3 The role of multi-demensional decision models: a critical review and an application
Γιόκας, Δημήτριος,
The paper reviews the applicability of approaches to multiple criteria decision making to aiding in the selection of a preferred option from a list of alternatives, and compares these approaches in de...
4 Εξαντλησιμότητα των φυσικών πόρων, κανόνας του hotelling και γραμικά συστήματα παραγωγής
Σκούρτος, Μιχάλης,
It is widely acknowledged in the literature that the derivation of Hotelling's Rule on the rate of appreciation of natural resources is subject to heroic assumptions. This article focusses on one of t...
5 Μια Monte Carlo μελέτη των εκτιμητών ridge και ελαχίστων τετραγώνων
Πανόπουλος, Πάνος,
Multicollinearity is a very severe problem in many statistical and econometrics application. The most promising technique for reducing the harmful effect of multicillinearity is called Ridge Regressio...
6 Συγκριτική ανάλυση του κόστους μεταφοράς εμπορευμάτων με σιδηροδρομικά, ακτοπλοϊκά και αεροπορικά συστήματα μεταφορών
Καρκαζής, Ιωάννης Μαγγίνα, Αναστασία Γ.,
In this paper ("COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF THE COMMODITIES TRANSPORTATION COST FOR THE RAIL, SEA AND AIR TRANSPORT SYSTEMS") the commodities transportation cost for the three basic transport systems (rai...