No 2 (1993)
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2 Habits and empirical analysis of demand for six aggregate commodity groups in Greece
Καραγιάννης, Γιάννης Βελέντζας, Κώστας,
JEL D12 In this paper using data form 1958 to 1989, the hypothesis of linear habit formation cannot be rejected, indicating that tastes have not been constant in Greece. Food exhibits inventory deplet...
3 On the ricardian theory of taxation and neutrality of money
Τσουλφίδης, Λευτέρης,
JEL B12 This article critically evaluates Ricardo's contributions to the theory of taxation. It begins with an analysis of taxes on income flows, where the main focus is on the incidence of taxation o...
4 Seasoned equity issues in the Greek stock market
Τσαγκαράκης, Νικόλαος Β.,
JEL G3, G30 This paper is an empirical study of the common stock price reaction on the ex-rights day of seasoned equity issues. Using an event study methodology we investigate 34 seasoned equity offer...
5 The economic effects of indigenous arms production in Greece
Κόλλιας, Χρήστος,
JEL L60, L6 This paper examines the economic effects of domestic arms production in Greece. It investigates for possible economic spin-offs through backward and forward linkages in five sectoral outpu...
6 The use of error components models in business finance. : a review article and an application
Καραθανάσης, Γεώργιος Α. Φίλιππας, Νικόλαος,
JEL G10 This study applies and tests several stock valuation models of companies whose shares are traded in the Athens Stock Exchange. The relevant equations are estimated for the five major sectors o...