No 2 (2004)
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1 Estimation portfolio var with three different methods: financial institution risk management approach
Κιόχος, Απόστολος,
JEL Classification: G10 G2 C52 C53 Value at Risk (VaR) technique is very important for the measurement and control of market, credit and also operational risks. VaR has become an essential tool for fi...
2 The dynamics of business cycles stylized facts using quarterly data for six industrialized countries
Βαρελάς, Ερωτόκριτος Γ.,
JEL: E32, E10 This paper examines the empirical evidence concerning the identification of cycles of the aggregate industrial production, prices and money for six OECD countries using quarterly data. W...
3 The evolution of competitive conditions in the US banking sector
Δράκος, Κωνσταντίνος,
JEL classification: C33, D43, G21 In this paper competitive conditions in the US banking sector are studied on the basis of a comprehensive State-level dataset for 1966-2000. Our findings are twofold....
4 Θεωρία και πράξη στην οικονομική επιστήμη Theory and praxis in the economic science
Σαραντίδης, Στυλιανός Α.,
JEL Classification: A11, B00 This paper intends to cast some light on methodological issues of the economics science. First, a very short notice is made on latest developments in economics (Cleiometri...
5 Μελέτη τεχνικής αποτελεσματικότητας κύριων φυτικών παραγωγικών κατευθύνσεων του ελληνικού αγροτικού τομέα A study of technical efficiency of main production activities of the Greek agricultural sector
Ρεζίτης, Αντώνιος Ν. Μυγδάκος, Ευθύμιος Φωτόπουλος, Χρήστος,
JEL Classification: Q10, Q12, Q16, Q19 This paper measures the degree of technical efficiency of main production activities of the Greek agricultural sector for the period 1989-1995. Technical efficie...
6 Παρουσίαση βιβλίων Book reviews
Περιεχόμενα: Mankiewicz, R. (2002) Η ιστορία των μαθηματικών. [Αθήνα]: Αλεξάνδρεια / Lewicki, R., D. Saunders and J. Milton, Η φύση των διαπραγματεύσεων. [Αθήνα]: Κριτική / Βαΐτσος, Κ. και ΑντώνηςΜπαρ...